Mal and Jimmy – Pitchfork 2016

I am not even sure where to start with this one!  Mallory and Jimmy are two of my favorite people in my personal world.  When I am not working on the weekends, I am usually listening to music or bumming around Wicker park with them.  Jimmy and my husband both share a odd obsession with High Life.  Mallory is my little sister – well – not really – but she is.  They are about as close to my kids as any Aunt or Uncle.  Obviously I was pretty excited when they asked me to photograph their engagement photos (check them out here) and their wedding.

After choosing their venue and wedding date, they soon realized their wedding would be held blocks away from the Pitchfork Music Festival.  It was the perfect coincidence.  No one loves music festivals more then Jimmy and Mal.  After securing VIP tickets from probably my coolest friend ever, we made plans to stop by the festival for some photos.

The couple was featured in an article that appeared in DNA info (read it here)

After the ceremony, Tuan Bui showed up to photograph the reception so that I can enjoy the festivities!  I am not sure why I was so serious in this photo!

Also – my friends are crazy.

Congratulations Jimmy and Mal (see you on Saturday!) 🙂

Venue: Room 1520

Planner: Naturally Yours Events

Additional Photography: Tuan Bui

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