Home is Where the Heart Is

There is just something super special about photographing a client preparing for a wedding in their childhood home.  Antonette and Jonathan chose to hold their wedding ceremony in Antonette’s home town and it make perfect sense to have all of the bridesmaids over to prepare for the wedding at her parents’ house.  Antonette shared stories about her teen years.  Before going out with friends, she would check her make up and outfit in her parents room.  There are so many mirrors!  It was the perfect spot for her to do that same routine but on a very important day of her life.
How many times have these ladies congregated around this counter?  I love working the details of the room while documenting the wedding events.

After the finishing touches, we met up with Jonathan at the church.

My favorite! A crying groom!

I think everyone in the room had tears!

Congratulations Antonette & Jonathan!

Ceremony: St Philip the Apostle Catholic Church – Addison, IL

Reception: Westin Itasca, IL


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